Thursday, February 12, 2015

Amazonia: Lucky Day

For Friday the 13th.

Diamonds are: Flutter Kicks
Clubs are: Jumping Jacks
Hearts are: Mountain Climbers
Spades are: Jump Squats
Aces are: 3x7 reps of pickers choice.
Jokers are: 15 burpees.

We will have a deck of 52 in a bag to draw from:

The suit you pick determines the exercise.

The numerical value determines the reps. You will do 3 sets of the reps indicated. Back to back to back.

For example: If you draw a 2 of clubs you will do 6 jumping jacks (2+2+2) and if you draw a King of diamonds you will do 39 flutter kicks (13+13+13).

Jokers and aces are the exception. Jokers = Burpees. Aces are picker's choice, any exercise they can imagine x 21 (7+7+7).

Everyone picks in turn. 30 mins or exercise.

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