Thursday, January 15, 2015

Workout: Charybdis

Our first work out will be a 'waterfall' type workout. A type of circuit training in which the first exercise sets the rest in motion.

Keeping with our theme I named it after the mythological sea monster Charybdis (Kar-ib-duh-s):

35 minutes:

1. 100m Row

2. Air Squats

3. Standing Lunges

4. Rest

5. Ball half-sit-ups

6. "Toxotes" - a kettle bell swing variation

7. Dead Hang Leg Ups

8. Rest

The workout is max reps for time and the row sets the time. So, when the first rower finishes everyone changes stations. Intervals will start around 30 seconds and move towards 1 min as we get tired.

Cool Down:

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