Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amazonia: Calfine Free

Non stop circuit.

8 exercises, 2 movements.

Run 1/2 mile, 80% effort, max incline.

1. Calf raises.
2. Ski jumper.
3. Agility Dots, one leg.
4. Jumping Jacks.
5. Power Skips.
6. Mountain Climbers.
7. Toe raise Planks.
8. Single leg calf raises.

1 mile elliptical.

30 seconds per exercise. Circuit is complete when all participants are finished with 1.5 mile movement.

Warriors on tread or elliptical don't switch until they have completed movement.

Alternate legs for each set of agility dots and single leg raises.

24-30 minutes total.

This video demonstrates calf raises, ski jumper and agility squares:

This video demonstrates powers skips and other calf exercises: 

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