Sunday, January 25, 2015

Amazonia: Snowday

I wish I were a meteorologist: we are going to postpone the Quarters workout until Tuesday.

Begin with 8 minute Abs.

21 perfect pushups. Do as many reps in 1 set as you can do well. This may mean 21 sets of 1 or 7 sets of 3. Push yourself, focus on form.

30 seconds calisthenic pushup. Like a plank but from the pushup position.

21 seated dips. Use a chair or coffee table to dip from.

30 second bridge. Like a crab walk without the walk.

3 sets of 70 air squats. Yep, 210. Short break in between sets.

30 seconds calisthenic pushup.

3 more perfect pushups.

30 second bridge.

Finish with 8 minutes abs.

Your arms should be rubber by the end. Max effort. Should take about 40 mins all in.

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