Saturday, January 17, 2015

Market Segmentation

If life is like a box of chocolates than the target market is a bag of mini Hershey bars.
Over the past several weeks we talked about marketing mix and branding. Both are ways of discussing ‘Arlington’s Story,’ and how we communicate that story to the potential customers of Arlington. How we break those potential customers down into groups is called segmentation.

Each segment of the target market requires a tiny little, unique, twist to the story that hooks them.

You’ve got your Chocolates bars…young couples and families living in or moving to the Arlington area. What are they most interested in?

You’ve got your Krackle Bars…These are the folks that spend an afternoon or a couple days in the Arlington area. What are they most interested in?

And, you’ve got your Mr. Goodbars… These are the Arlington alumni and small business owners that are thinking of locating or relocating to Arlington. What are they most interested in?

Well, research tells us that Chocolate Bars want good schools and amenities.

Krackle bars want three or more variety retail stores to browse after a cup of coffee and a place to get a beer after the hunt.

Mr. Good Bars want the makings of a thriving economy: hard working neighbors, plenty of good housing and friendly local government.

Thematically all these things are expressed through the concept of “Arlington is a great place…” But, so is every other small town to the people, or Hershey bars, that live in it.

How do we best segment the marketing messages to our potential customers?

Are you a Chocolate bar? A Krackle? A Mr. Goodbar? What makes Arlington sweet for you?

Share your ideas with me below.

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