Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Amazonia: Katie

For : Wednesday, 21st of January 2015

Katie, aka Xena, has been talking some mad $#!+ today so the workout tomorrow is in honor of her,echem, great attitude. Everybody say, "Thanks, Katie!"

9,000 METER ROW!

This is a 200m Waterfall workout where every participant rows at least 1000m in total.

Exercises flows like this:

1. 200m Row (at 7)
2. Air Squats
3. Burpees

4. Wall Sit
5. Walking Lunges
6. Jumping Jacks

7. Plank
8. Mountain Climbers
9. Seated Dips

Begin again at the row. We switch as the rower finishes 200m. We are done when we hit 9000! Rest, what Rest?

"Thanks Katie!"

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