Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazonia: Quarters

This workout is for Sunday 25th, of January 2015.

Begin today's workout with "8 minute Abs":

4 exercises, 30 seconds each, 4 sets, No Rest.

30 Seconds Half Sit-ups
30 Seconds Leg Raises
30 Seconds Plank
30 seconds Knee Crunches

Repeat x3

This part is to be completed outside:

50 yards of walking lunges (about 50 reps) (Alt. 75 Air squats)
Walk/Jog 1/4 Mile
Jog/Run 3.2 Miles
Walk/Jog 1/4 Mile
50 yards of walking lunges (about 50 reps)

End the work out with "8 minute Abs."

The whole point of this workout is to get outside and take advantage of the fresh air.

It is based off a quarter section of land, so if you live in the country go around your quarter-section.

If you are in town follow this link for route:

Double Soul Bonus: Get your kids/spouse/neighbor/lover/dog to join you and gain an extra point.

If you cannot complete the run/jog then walk. Get out side, distance is key.

Counts as Cardio/Conditioning/Core for Sunday.

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