Thursday, March 19, 2015

#Hero - Rudy Reyes

Hero Tenet #4: Find Balance.

Of the seven Hero Tenets, this is by far the most difficult.

Too often we identify with a single element of our lives, label ourselves, and become stuck in that label. I am a mother, a welder, a banker, a farmer, a father, a addict, a victim, a whatever.

I am a hero. I understand that the disparate aspects of my life help shape it but do not define it. They are the parts and not the sum.  A hero understands they are many things, strives for perfection in one, is excellent in all.

In order to be a hero, you must find balance and from that balance comes self-awareness and eventually...actualization. 

Being a hero means to fight and find this balance everyday, to rest knowing the battle lost, to wake and fight again. It is as perpetual as night and day, Apollo and Artemis, yin and yang.

Rudy is the warriors-warrior and a superhero. He has struggled to find balance every day.

Rudy is a Marine vet, actor and writer. He starred, as himself, in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill: About the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

His book Hero Living catalogs his rags-to-riches story and defines his American/Bushido tenets for living; what he calls the Hero's Whetstone:

1. Tuning in.
2. Using your inner eye.
3. Be the Dreamer of Dreams.
4. Read your map.
5. Square the direction of your compass.
6. Breathe your flow of power.
7. A balanced fighter be.
8. Honoring your enemy.
9. Packing your toolkit.
10. Your practice.
11. Practicing your destiny.
12. Know [thyself].
13. Living the Hero Effect.

Understand Rudy's story and lifelong struggle to find balance - in his own words:

Heroes are champions, they serve:

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