Monday, March 23, 2015

Amazonia: Please, don't get up

For Monday, 23rd March 2015
All exercises are from the Prone, Plank or seated position.
This is a muscle failure exercise, all exercises are done with dumbbells
pick a dumbbell with a weight that will burn your muscle out after 2 rounds.

1. Prone Row. x21 each side

2. Mountain Climbers. x21
3. Plank/Plio Push-up x60 secs
4. Preacher crunches x21
Hold the dumbbell to your chest as you crunch downwards, flex your shoulders at the top of the rep.

5. Crunches x21
6. V-Up's x21
7. Left Side Plank x60 secs
8. Sitting Lat Raises x7
9. Sitting Triceps Curl x21

10. Russian Twists x21 

11. Right Side Plank x60 secs

Two rounds, short water break in between. If you are not smoked by the end of two rounds bring your weight up.

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