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The Zen of Shopping: Finding Enlightenment Thru Retail

Posted on March 18, 2014

The zen of shopping
If you’ve ever wondered why you love shopping so much, here’s one reason you may not have considered:  You’re in the “zone.” Meaning: the present moment. Nothing and no one else exists when you’re on the hunt. You’re just focused on the activity of looking at and buying things: those beautiful, supple, leather shoes that have just been marked down, or that classically-structured charcoal suit that you can wear for all seasons.
I believe shopping is a form of meditation, because your mind—for the time being, at least– is empty of thought.  You’re not thinking about the crisis in the office, the nasty call you just had with your boyfriend, or the tax papers you need to compile.  You’re focused in the here and now—right where you need to be.
It’s wonderful to engage all your senses this way: touching fine fabrics; smelling leather and perfumes; seeing all the vibrant colors of spring; hearing the soft mall music; and savoring victory when you score a great find!
Some of my best ideas have come after happily participating in this form of meditation, and not necessarily because I buy something.  Just the act of shopping helps me stress less.
Here are a few quick tips for achieving the best results:
  • Go with the intent to try, not buy. Just the act of selecting and trying on an outfit is relaxing and fun.
  • Limit yourself to cash. This kind of meditation is supposed to bring enlightenment, not debt.
  • Carry pictures of your favorite outfits with you on your phone. That way, you can see what you have, and what you may need.
  • Avoid “trend” purchases whenever possible. Unless the price is too good to pass up, these are not the pieces in which to invest.
  • Don’t get trigger-happy. Unless it’s something I adore, I walk away. Yes, indeedy. Another option is one my friend uses: She buys a piece and then returns it. That’s how she achieves nirvana.
Here’s hoping you find peace among pieces you love. Namaste.

Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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