Today's puzzle will be posed in two halves. The first half is a classic riddle – in fact, I suspect many of you will have heard it before. The second half, however, is an extension of the riddle that reveals its most common solution be be insufficient.

Sunday Puzzle #3: The Bear Hunter (Part 1)

The classic riddle goes as follows:

A hunter walks a mile due south, turns and walks a mile due east, turns again and walks a mile due north, only to find herself back where she started. The hunter draws a bead on a bear and shoots it dead. What color is the bear? Why?

If you've solved the riddle, already know the answer, or have already given up (for shame), proceed to Part 2. If you'd like a hint, click here. If you'd like an even bigger hint, click here.

Sunday Puzzle #3: The Bear Hunter (Part 2)

The bear you shoot will always be a polar bear, but the explanation for why this is – that the hunter must have started at the North Pole – is insufficient. While this is one possibility, the North Pole is not the only point of origin on Earth that satisfies the conditions presented in the problem. Can you think of any other point (or points) on the globe from which the hunter could begin her journey and find herself back at her original location?