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8 desk-friendly workouts to combat sitting disease

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Workouts you can do while sitting at your desk. Do you sit at a desk all day? Yeah. You’re in good company. Unfortunately, staying stationary for weeks on end can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to working out later in the day. Americans spend as much as 7.7 hours sitting each day. That’s 55 percent of the waking day spent sitting. The bad news is that a single exercise session might not be enough to combat the damage.
So, stand up, stretch your legs a bit, and consider doing a few moves at your desk to keep things from getting too stagnant.
Abs: This crunch-free seated ab workout is great way to get those core muscles strong and stable. After all, you need good posture for both sitting and running. And don’t skip the warmup – it helps release the tension you’ve created by sitting still and gets your body ready for moving and grooving.
Glutes: You can do this simple squeeze workout without anyone knowing. Though the instructions are for a standing squeeze, you can get the same impact while sitting. Squeeze your glutes as tightly as you can for a few seconds, then release.
Glutes II. And add these simple Chair Squats forever more toning power. Keep your weight centered in your heels and toes light to perform this move correctly. Lower yourself down to just before you touch the chair and repeat, keeping your core stable.
Triceps. Use your desk or chair to do tricep dips almost anywhere. Start with 15 reps and a couple sets and work up to more in no time at all. Maybe try a quick set or two of pushups if your office area is quiet. Your arms will thank you.
Total body. These six seated moves work your entire body, so get ready for it. The instructions dictate to do one set of each exercise back to back, wasting no time between moves. Then do the whole circuit up to 3 times total. You can also spread it out throughout the day.
Mini-jog. If you’re lucky enough to have an office door, consider standing from time to time and doing a little stationary jogging. Pointless, you say? Think again. There’s little difference between jogging and jogging in place, and it might even be slightly less of an impact on your joints and bones.
Bike. You can purchase a secret weapon for your otherwise sit-still day. A desk cycle allows you to move your legs without catching the attention of your boss. Unfortunately, this tool is best suited for this of us who are under 5’7″, but if you’re taller and can find a taller desk to give your legs room, go for it!
Yoga. Get your Zen on with this seated yoga. Composed of 8 stretch-tastic poses, this sequence will give your body a much-needed stretch and toning session. And if you can find a quiet time in the day, you can also practice a few of your favorite standing poses to amplify the benefits.
Written by Ashley Marcin.

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