Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's open a dialogue.

The Cardinal Direction. One Community, many ideas, moving in the same direction.

This blog is a forum for the discussion of those many ideas, the creation of new ideas and the merger of great ideas.

Information will be fluid and often related to economic development but there will be recurring weekly posts and re-posts.

Here is an Idea of what you can expect:

Mindtool Mondays: Mindtools is an online publication focused on providing small business leaders tools to make their lives easier.

IO9 Day: On Tuesdays we will port content from the IO9 website, and other science related sites, to help boost the creative process by exploring the unknown, cutting edge and amazing.

Writing Wednesdays: Steven Pressfield's blog about 'Resistance' and defeating anything that keeps us from success. He writes from the prospective of an Artist, but he defines an artist as anyone struggling to be awesome at something and his lessons apply to all walks of life.

Green Day: Not the nineties altrock band but a post dedicated to better economy through better stewardship of the environment. Green is also the color of money.

Fitness Friday: A sound mind in a sound body.Striving for balance and equilibrium  brings you that much closer to your goals.

Saturday Sun: Re-post of the Arlington Sun article and expansion on the ideas presented within.

Join the Dialogue! Post Below.

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